Yellow Ribbon Scheme

Does your dog need space?

The Island Dog Training Club is promoting an initiative aimed at helping dogs that need their space –  the Yellow Dog UK Campaign. This is a way for dogs that need space to be clearly recognised. If you see a dog wearing a yellow ribbon on its lead or yellow bandana around its neck – the message is clear – that dog needs space.

The yellow ribbons and bandanas are part of the Yellow Dog UK Campaign, which was set up to allow clear identification of dogs that need space. This does not mean the dogs are aggressive – there are many reasons for a dog needing space:

* They may be ill

* They may be old

* They may be hurt

* They may be in training

* The dog may be nervous

* They may have had bad life experiences

* The person walking him may be nervous of other dogs

* They may have a new family who are unsure as to their behaviour with other dogs

For more information contact the Island Dog Training Club  or visit the project website  where the ribbons and posters can be obtained free of charge, bandanas and other products can be ordered.

Dog owners are asked not to approach or allow their dogs to approach dogs in the yellow apparel, if the dog is in training, one incident can cause months of setbacks.

Print out the posters at  or pop into the IDTC in Collings Road.  Put them up in your local dog walking areas; ask the vets offices and pet stores to display posters.

The more people who know about the scheme the more effective it will become.

Some dogs just don’t want space invaders….

Here are some of our members who utilise the scheme:

Izzy is a friendly submissive girl that loves people. However after being bitten on the face by another dog, she can be nervous of some dogs, especially ones she doesn’t know. She likes to get acquainted slowly and gently in order to build her confidence.

Her lead let people know that she needs other dogs to allow her space, time and a polite friendly approach in order to make friends.



Tizzi is a very petite little girl who weighs at just 2.2kg / 3-4 pounds.   She wears her yellow ribbon to help people notice her so that they don’t accidentally step on her or allow their dogs to jump on her as being so tiny she can be easily hurt.   After an unfortunate accident she has already suffered a broken bone.



Tizzi, Izzy and all yellow ribbon dogs thank you for respecting their needs.

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