CI Dog of The Year February 16th, 2013

Brilliant day in Jersey on Saturday, sunshine and success.

Well done everyone, you and your dogs were a joy to watch.  I hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

There were two awards in each class:  1st place and Reserve.

Big congratulations to Sandra Collins and Bob who placed 1st in class B:  to Margaret Martel and Ruby, who were Reserve in class C:  Megan Burns and Pickle who were Reserve in the Medium Agility Class


Megan Burns and Pickle


Margaret with Ruby & Sandra with Bob

Bernie, Tracey, Sara, Sandra, Val, Jenny, Carolyn, Margaret, Terry

Pickle Burns in action!


Qualifiers this year:


CI Qualifiers 2012

Line up left to right:

Back row:   Terry Buckley:  Tracey Baudains:  Bernadette Baudains:  Margaret Martel:  Sara Sarre:  Carolyn Le Poidevin:  Pam Blackmore with Jaunty:  Madeleine Renouf with Maddie

Middle Row:   Chas Baudains:   Tai Baudains:  Ruby Martel:  Darcey Norman (owner unavailable for photo):  Echo Sarre:  Bobbin Le Poidevin

Front Row:   Todd Buckley:  Jenny Prevel with Tally:  Sandra Collins with Bob:  Val Dowding with Nara:  Megan Burns with Pickle

Mel Norman was unavailable for the photo.

Obedience Class
Val Dowding with Nara


Sandra Collins with Bob A’ and ‘B’
Tracey Baudains with Chas ‘C’
Bernie Baudains with Tai ‘A’
Terry Buckley with Todd ‘A’
Sara Sarre with Echo Novice
Carolyn Le Poidevin with Bobbin Novice
Jenny Prevel with Tally ‘B’
Pam Blackmore with Jaunty ‘A’
Madeleine Renouf with Maddie ‘C’
Margaret Martel with Ruby ‘B’   & ‘C’
Megan Burns with Pickle Agility   & Jumping
Mel Norman with Darcey Agility   & Jumping

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