If you have entered the July show and would like a practice outside, under show conditions, there is an opportunity to do so this Sunday, 10am at Le Friquet Garden Centre.

Participants will be expected to help each other.

These sessions are only open to handlers and dogs who have entered the July Show, £1 per person.


There will be no agility on Saturday 1st July due to the IDTC Obedience Show.
Have you tried Agility?
There is now a Foundation Agility class available on Saturday morning at 9am, at the agility field.  This will work on some basic agility skills.  Dogs will not jump, weave or do full size contact equipment and so is suitable for dogs of any age, including those not yet one year old. Dogs will:
  • Learn tunnel drive
  • Recall to and send on from their handler
  • Work between jump wings (with no pole)
  • Learn to work on both sides of their handler, using turns and changes of side
  • Work on core stability
  • Learn to target a tray on a low plank
Dogs will need a flat collar and lead (i.e. not a check/half-check or slip collar).
Handler will need clothes and shoes suitable for running in – astro/hockey/trail shoes are best, but trainers will be fine to start with.
Tasty treats and toys your dog likes to play with.
If you would like more information or to put your name down please contact Debbie Bray on 268186 or email debbie.ferby@freeuk.com

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